Anthony Bourdain
300 m2
One block
Hong Kong

It is a fully connected world.
We are all here, it is noisy, crowded,
full of hosts and guests, subjects and objects,
all parasites.

We talk,
We hear,
We think,
We remember everything.

What to say?
Who to listen to?
How to reason?
I want to forget  :)

The figure of the parasite will help us to take a stance and have a face. Architecture is our stage, the parasite is the essence of relations. One parasite hosts the other.

Anthony Bourdain gets a Carte Blanche to invent a 300 m2 project in one of the Mong Kok blocks in Hong Kong (22.315753481875348, 114.16969824182289). In return, he should host the block owner whenever he appears.

Students: Angenend Marina Simone, Dunkake Hannah, Ferstl Hanna, Heumader Franz-Adrian, Marzelli Rudolf Leonhard, Matthaei Jakob, Niederholzer Tobias, Scheuring Julian Felix, Ziernhöld Erja, Valeria Witt
Hosted By: Jorge Orozco and Miro Roman

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🔗 Guest Talk: Agostino Nickl