0MORE is the design studio of The House Of Coded Objects, at Studio2  at the Insitut für Gestaltung of UIBK. It is run by Ass. Prof. Dr. Miro Roman &
Clemens Plank RELIGION 2023/24,
Anirudhan Iyengar FLOWERS 2023
Dr. Jorge Orozco PARASITE 2022/23

0MORE uses Artificial Intelligence to deal with online information in large quantities and articulate: a movie to set the direction of the project, a brand to give it a face, a banquet to discuss design decisions, and perspectives to observe the project’s position in the city.

For studio 0MORE, today’s connected world requires the architect to be a digitally literate persona and nimble in addressing the ideas that challenge the world on a global scale, in the same manner as the 2,000-year-old tradition of architecture treatises demands from itself.

The goals of the studio 0MORE are:

Identify and construct an understanding of today’s technologies.

Develop methodologies to design architecture with an abundance of online information.

Perform delicate balances between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence.

Assess the importance of being a digitally literate architect today.