guest talk    CONVIVIO    Petra Tomljanovic    KULTURFOLGER    11.05.2023 at 16.00    @studio0more @Studio Zwei  @UIBK   
ZOOM ID: 526 229 0223


Have you ever tasted the bread of angels? Do you know about Halsrätsel, a dish that can cost you your head? What does it mean to dine under the spell of Dante Alighieri? Join us for a tour of Convivio, a multidisciplinary experimental project by Kulturfolger, a curatorial collective from Zurich. Inspired by Dante Alighieri's philosophical treatise, Convivio centers around the idea of a "gastmahl" or a communal feast where art, cuisine, and discussions about human nature come together. This talk will explore how Convivio engages all the senses, fosters personal interpretations of the theme by the participating artists, and creates possible connections to digital architecture and narration. Convivio asks: How can we use immersive experiences to create meaningful connections between art, philosophy, and cuisine? How can digital technologies enhance the sensory and intellectual dimensions of Convivio? How can Convivio's model of a communal feast be adapted to the architecture?

Kulturfolger is a curatorial collective and art space that addresses questions of cultural and societal change through themed annual programs. The collective is composed of Petra Tomljanovic, Sibilla Panzeri, and Marcel Schock. Over the past seven years, Kulturfolger has explored various themes such as Many Natures, Uncommon, Luxury, Alphabets, Rituals, and Only Vampires & Witches. In 2023, they presented Convivio, their most extensive and ambitious program yet, which combines art, cuisine, and discussions about human nature in a multidisciplinary experiment. Kulturfolger's exhibitions are designed as a dialogue between the artists and the curatorial team, and each one is complemented by performative dinners that are an integral part of the overall experience. The collective's approach is holistic, experimental, and thought-provoking, and they have been contributing to Zurich's vibrant and creative art scene for several years.

Petra Tomljanovic is a curator, writer, and artistic director. She holds a Master's degree in Art History and Literature from the University of Zagreb, a Master of Advanced Studies in Curating from the ZHdK, and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Expressive Arts Therapy from the European Graduate School in Saas Fee (CH). Petra's passion for curating lies in developing innovative formats that work at the intersection of curatorial, artistic, and theoretical practice. In 2016, she founded Kulturfolger, a non-profit art space in Zurich, where she curated and organized over 70 exhibitions, concerts, events, workshops, and talks. Her curatorial work at Kulturfolger focused on exploring the potential of philosophical concepts in contemporary art and their mediation. Petra aims to create immersive experiences for visitors that challenge the traditional boundaries of art presentation and to establish a dialogue between art and society while highlighting the complexity of the present moment.