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William of Baskerville
Silicone Valley

“Bouquet expresses a product, an intersection that defies analysis.”
Serres, The Five Senses

It is a fully connected world; Google, Nasa, Apple, Stanford…
We are all here, it is noisy, crowded, full of hosts and guests, subjects and objects, all parasites, all talking.
We talk, We hear, We think,
We remember everything.
We call it Urbanism.

What to do? What to say? Who to listen? How to reason?
I want to forget :)
Make a bouquet.
The gift without reason,
Where nature kisses culture.
I call it a City.

The smell, the colours, the garden,
the gift, the bouquet, the luxury, the sex, the blossom,
The moment, the movement, the night, the day,
the sun, the love.

The figure of the flower will help us to take a stance and have a face.
Architecture is our bouquet.
“Each flower adds it colour and shape, spreads and diffuses its perfume, but each one vies with the others; bouquet expresses their intersection.”
Serres, The Five Senses
One flower hosts the other.

William of Baskerville, a monk from Umberto Eco’s novel The Name Of The Rose goes to San Jose in Silicone Valley (37.337162, -121.884772) to discuss comedy and laughter. He wants to be a host and welcome the Silicone Valley and its travellers in his garden. It will be a beautiful  bouquet, a pantheon, a hotel, a caravanserai and a scandal. Public and private all at once.

He is bringing the second book of poetics of Aristotle to Silicone Valley.

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